1. At this site players deposit their items (skins). At the end of 3 minutes long round the system chooses 1 winner, who gets all the deposited items. Winner is defined randomly, winchance depends on cost of deposited items.
  2. RINCIPLE IS SIMPLE: The more is the total cost of items you bet, the greater is the chance to get jackpot. Nevertheless, even beting 1 cent (1?) gives you an ability to win jackpot!


  1. You deposit your items by sending a trade offer to one of our bots, using the "Deposit Items" button. You may deposit up to 15 skins at once for the total value of no less than 1€
  2. Our staff converts the traded items to points according to the value of the items. Each cent grants you 1 point (1dollar-100 points). Win chances is depending on the points quantity. The more funds you add to the poll, the higher the chances are of you winning the pot
  3. In the end of each round, we gather all the points and randomly select a winner. The pot will not split, and will only be given out to 1 winner. Adding more skins will increase each players odds of winning


  1. Maximum number of deposited items - 20 per trade. There is no limit for the value of each individual item deposited - deposit may start from a minimal total item value of 0.50 dollar
  2. For events and site development, we charge a fee for each game - 7% of the total value of the pot
  3. Deposits and winnings withdraw are proceeded almost instantly
  4. Each time you deposit items, each of you have to agree to the site's terms of use
  5. If your inventory is closed, the next and the last attempt to resend the winnings within the hour
  6. Only CS:GO items is allowed, All other items will be traded, but not accounted for on the site (nor the pot). Also we may guarantee proper item value estimations, however - only if the item is available at the Steam market - otherwise the price of each item may be variable
  7. Souvenir items are forbidden to deposit, such trades will be cancelled
  8. You have warranty of receiving your items half an hour after the pull is closed. After that we do NOT respond for any lost items
  9. If you have cancelled a trade of sent a counter-offer, your items items will NOT be returned to you, as the bot is not designed to resend items
  10. If our bots gets banned during the half hour period, we compensate each player for their bet, not the winnings
  11. If you bet during the last 30 seconds of each round, there is a probability that your items will automatically go into the next upcoming round - Steam sometimes delays the trade proceedings
  12. For being able to withdraw skins from the shop you must play 5 games at Double.
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